What is the so called “ewige Bund” (eternal federation) ?

Ewig (eternal/forever)
It is no determination of time, no “long” time. The word literally means “marriage” – that was, physical. Eternal means infinite time = zero, 0, namely a circle or a point, which is also just a circle, without extension. Eternal means lifting the experience of time. Eternity is the infinite duration of the timeless moment.

Bund (Federation)
is the connection or combination of several originally independent units. According to the constitutional law of a federal state, the federal government is in contrast to the other federal states (member states). Such a federation has its own agencies, tasks and powers.

The eternal federation is the constitutional union, created by 26 sovereign German individual states. This constitutional union created a sovereign federal state and subject of international law on May 4th 1871.

Who made the eternal federation?

The eternal covenant was concluded by the heads of state of the 26 German states, ratified by the constitutional representative bodies of the respective states, and finally confirmed again by the Germans by election.

What is the task of the eternal federation?

The purpose of the eternal covenant is the protection of the federal territory, the law that is valid within it, and the care of the welfare of the German people. This manifests itself among other things by effects of the eternal covenant.



For the first time in the long history of the German nation, the inhabitants of a German state are no longer treated as foreigners by the eternal covenant in all other German states (of the 26 states), they are legally treated as nationals.


Through the eternal federation every inhabitant of a German state can acquire property in all other German states. The eternal covenant guarantees and protects this right to property.

Freedom of the person

The eternal federation manifested the freedom of the Germans from outside influences, in particular from the influences of the Vatican, the Roman Catholic Papacy and its canon law.

Public welfare

The eternal federation invented the concept of welfare state for the welfare of all Germans and introduced the world’s first social legislation: unemployment, health and pension insurance.

The eternal federation established the administrative principle “The general good is the highest law.” In all German states:” The task of the administration is the completion of the laws and the caring activity of the authorities in general.”

The eternal federation established self-determination at the local level by allowing Germans to determine their immediate living environment, the communities, in full self-responsibility.


Legal certainty
The eternal federation has created a consistent legal area in all German states. For this purpose, nationwide laws were introduced, which attracted international attention, i.a. the “Bürgerliche Gesetzbuch” (Civil Code). The judiciary was uniformly regulated nationwide. From then on, the same regime for civil and criminal proceedings applied throughout the federal territory. The Eternal federation guarantees and monitors compliance and takes action in case of denial of justice.

Protection of the Germans
The eternal federation guarantees all Germans their protection against foreign countries.

Protection of the federal territory
The eternal federation requires all member states to jointly protect the federal territory.

International law
The eternal federation has acceded to international treaties through international treaties, i.a. the Convention on the Laws and Customs of Land Warfare, which grants international protection to the civilian population in the event of armed conflict.

Who belongs to the eternal federation?
Belonging to the eternal federation was made dependent on the possession of nationality in a state of the eternal federation. A member of the Confederation can only be who belongs to a German state. This nationality was regulated by law of July 22, 1913 to the effect that it has since been:

German is who owns nationality in a federal state.

By birth, the legitimate child of a German acquires the nationality of the father,
the illegitimate child of a German acquires the nationality of the mother.

The member of the eternal federation is thus by birth any German descended from members of these states:

Königreich Preußen
Königreich Bayern
Königreich Württemberg
Königreich Sachsen
Großherzogtum Baden
Großherzogtum Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Großherzogtum Hessen
Großherzogtum Oldenburg
Großherzogtum Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach
Großherzogtum Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Herzogtum Braunschweig
Herzogtum Sachsen-Meiningen
Herzogtum Anhalt
Herzogtum Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha
Herzogtum Sachsen-Altenburg
Fürstentum Lippe
Fürstentum Waldeck
Fürstentum Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
Fürstentum Schwarzburg-Sondershausen
Fürstentum Reuß jüngere Linie
Fürstentum Schaumburg-Lippe
Fürstentum Reuß älterer Linie
Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
Freie und Hansestadt Lübeck
Freie Hansestadt Bremen
Reichsland Elsaß-Lothringen

I’m willing to do nothing old,
but to fight for what is eternal.

Where is the eternal federation today?

The eternal federation was forcibly deprived of its capacity to act on November 12, 1918. A small group of Social Democratic men has eliminated the organs of the eternal federation and taken control of the eternal federation. Since that day, the purpose of the eternal federation “the care of the welfare of the German people” has been turned into its opposite: Since that day, the Germans are treated as a scapegoat and almost exploited by the whole world. The eternal federation is today, more than 100 years later, still existent and legally competent, because this is an eternal (never ending) federation, but it is just as incapable of action, as the Federal Constitutional Court of the Federal Republic of Germany has repeatedly stated.

The cause of incapacity of the eternal federation.

On July 31, 1914, the state of war was declared on the territory of the eternal federation. This state of war was never repealed legitimately, because the abolition of the state of war can be done in a constitutional way only by the President of the Eternal Federation. The last president of the eternal federation was on 9 November 1918 forced into exile by Social Democratic men, where he ultimately died. With the illegal, because unconstitutional seizure of power by the putschists in November 1918, the administration of justice in the eternal federation came to a standstill. Since these days, the perpetual alliance in the state of war is administered by non-legitimate representatives, initially under a non-German, since 1945 completely under foreign rule.

The eternal federation is named German Empire.
The President of the Eternal Federation is titled emperor.


Effect of incapacity for action of the German Reich.

Contrary to the agreements of international agreements, ie international treaties, German law is largely suspended. By measures contrary to international law, such as a British maritime blockade, the Germans were forced to conclude commercial law contracts in which they undertook to deprive themselves of their rights and make horrendous payments. Through the consolidation of institutional powers in the National Socialism, the so-called Second World War, which is the resumption of hostilities of the so-called First World War represented, the military defeat and subsequent occupation of Germany and the installation of the administrative constructs Federal Republic of Germany, GDR, Republic of Poland, and others Over four generations, Germans were forced to deny their origins and ultimately forget them. The result we see in the German present: An identityless “German people” has degenerated into the impotent match ball of foreign, supranational powers.

But the effects of the inability to act of the German Reich have not only national but global causes: By maintaining the state of war, by the establishment first of the League of Nations, then the United Nations, the whole world is in a state of war from which only one class benefits: The military-industrial complex of a so-called global elite. In the face of all the countless military conflicts of recent decades, one must ask oneself: when was the last official declaration of war? This is no longer necessary, because the world is, as stated above, in permanent warfare. No living person of the present can claim to have experienced peace – that is simply not true, unless he was born before July 28, 1914. It is clear from this:

The elimination of the inability to act of the German Reich brings the world peace. Only the Germans living today can accomplish this miracle. This is our mission – and, in the light of Immanuel Kant’s ethical-moral-moral categorical imperative, it is our duty.

“Recognizing and doing his duty is the main thing.”
– Frederick II, called the Great.

What is to do?

1) Determine whether one is a member of the eternal federation, ie German by descent and thus a member of a German state of the eternal federation. The proof of origin is sufficient until 1914.

2) Act constitutionally.

“Of all the existing sources of law, the constitutional document takes first place, constituting the highest law of the state and, as such, a class of its own.”

Unconstitutionality is the cause of German incapacitation:

– Unconstitutional handover of the Reich Chancellor at level of kingdom (Reich).
– Unconstitutional non-introduction of a regency in the Kingdom of Prussia.
– Unconstitutional elimination of legitimate state authority in the German states

An introduction to the constitution offers this book.

3) To fulfill the duties of a German.

“Citizenship is first and foremost a set of duties;
Duties give rise to a circle of rights. ”

The supreme duty of a German is loyalty and obedience to the Reich and the Reichsgesetze (see footnote 2) point B to Article 3 of the Reich Constitution). First and foremost, this includes loyalty to the President of the Eternal Federation as the head of state of all Germans entitled to sole representation under international law (see Article 11 of the Reich Constitution). The German Kaiser is the only person in the world who can end the war. The German Kaiser has been sent into exile in 1918, from where the Germans have to call him back. Time is now. He is ready. Are we?

4) Agree!

“If the Germans stick together, they’ll beat the devil out of hell.”
– Otto von Bismarck

5) Be sure!

“Whoever does not want to cooperate in the state for his protection, he does not belong to the state, he has no rights to the state; he should leave the state. ”
– Otto von Bismarck

6) Spread the word: material.


„Dort, wo das Recht, ist unser Vaterland.“
– Schiller